A Review of the New Book

Katy Wilson’s book, psoriasis free for life was announced in 2009. Because she suffered with Psoriasis for many years, Katy can still painfully recall people making snide remarks and calling her “Dragon Lady” and “Leper.”Katy remembers vividly the painful itch that would start with silver, scaly spots on her skin that would eventually become inflamed and crack and seep. She remembers the welcome winters when she could hide her skin under lots of clothes, but how she would loathe summertime because she couldn’t wear sleeveless tops or shorts.She went to doctor after doctor, but all of them told her there was no treatment for her condition.It was this sad condition that pushed her into the exploration that became Psoriasis Free for Life.

One doctor after another would prescribe for Katy some type of smelly cream or fishy ointment that only veiled her Psoriasis symptoms, but offered no kind of permanent remedy. She was also repeatedly prescribed medications that were intended for allergies — she found these made her lethargic and would make her feel drugged and unproductive.All of this prompted Katy to “roll up her sleeves” and get to work. She made visits to libraries where she spent hours reading about holistic cures, natural foods, and herbal therapies.She admits now that some of the things she experimented with were almost certainly nutty and crazy. But after time she weeded out the ineffective treatments and began to learn things that actually worked!

Her main focus became on the things that trigger psoriasis outbreaks, and she began to find methods that would prevent these eruptions.In time she noticed that some of the cures were working and that her red skin started to fade and she wasn’t itching as much.What is the main theme of Psoriasis Free for Life? “Work in harmony with your body’s natural defenses by giving it the natural ammo required to fight this immune system disease” is the way Katy puts it.